General Information
Ms. Julie A. Domer Registrar

NOTICE: Students who are 18 years or older will have to provide an email from their account to allow parent/guardian or other individuals to request and/or pickup transcripts or diplomas. The specified individual must show identification before student records will be provided.

Transcript Request Information:

1)  Request forms are available outside Registrar's office.

2)  Official copies are $3 and unofficial copies are $1.

3)  Payment must accompany form.

4)  There is a drop box for your convenience.

5)  *Typically transcripts will be ready in 24-48 hours.

6)  Former graduates must put date of birth and last four digits of social security number.

7) Failure to fill form out completely may delay the processing.

 *Transcript processing could be delayed if it is during FHS registration, grading period, CAP process or Summer.